Benefits of Installing a Power Monitoring System

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Benefits of Installing a Power Monitoring System

Benefits of Installing a Power Monitoring System and How to Monitor your Home's Energy

This is something relatively new on the market for monitoring household energy consumption. The purpose of an energy monitor is to facilitate energy conservation. Studies show that households with real-time energy data save 5 to 15% on their energy bills.

In this article, I would like to introduce you to the Agilewave energy monitor. It is a single power monitor capable of monitoring each electrical circuit, each gas appliance, the water meter, and the climate.

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Ok, Now Back to the Agilewaves Building Optimization System

1. The Agilewave is delivered with 19 electrical sensors. More can be added as needed. A 30 amp sensor costs $ 60 and a 600 amp sensor costs $ 133.

2. The complete basic unit costs $ 2,400.

3. The sensor unit, ASIP (Agilewaves Sensor Integration Panel) is attached to each circuit of the electrical panel and monitors only that circuit. This allows you to monitor the children’s stereo, washing machine, microwave, etc.

4. Agilewave comes with software that allows your personal computer to analyze and display the information sent by ASIP.

5. For a water flow sensor, the size of the water hose is required. The water flow sensor costs from $ 500 to $ 900.

6. For a gas flow sensor, again the size of the pipe is required as well as the pressure of the pipe. The gas flow sensor of approximately $ 1100.

7. Climate sensors cover more than you probably initially thought. These sensors include water temperature, room temperature, heating duct temperature, outside temperature, and room humidity. These sensors cost around $ 150 each.

8. The display on the computer screen is divided into sections, the sections include a pie chart showing where electricity is used, the current month, day and time. A peak demand indicator comparing today to yesterday, last month, and the previous month. Graphs showing water consumption in gallons, electricity in kWh, gas in thermal baths, carbon in pounds, and cost in dollars and cents. The buttons toggle the screen between reports and graphs. Details by floor, room, appliance, circuit, or utility.

9. Includes a notification system that can report unusual power consumption to your cell phone by text or email.

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The Benefits of Installing a Power Monitoring System

Making the decision to invest in a facility’s infrastructure is never easy, but when the investment offers economic benefits in the future, it makes the decision a little easier. One such company is a versatile food monitoring system. An electrical networking system is a network of meters connected to the Internet. This connection allows the continuous updating in real-time of the data on the power supply system of installation. The meters transmit the information to an online system that will allow system operators to easily identify and resolve potential problems throughout the system. Basically, it will allow you to see what you cannot by warning you when the power system is operating outside of its normal settings.

As energy prices continue to rise, they continue to have a greater impact on the bottom line. Taking advantage of a food monitoring system can help lower energy costs and, in turn, increase profits. A power monitoring system can protect large motors from current distortion and overvoltage and prevent conductors and other important components from overheating. This system can also locate and identify equipment malfunctions before they even occur. A power monitoring system, when installed properly, can be a major benefit for most large energy users. For most energy consumers, the cost and reliability of the electrical system is the greatest concern.

Monitoring systems can also offer an advantage to consumers who have a low tolerance for electrical disturbances because they need a reliable source of energy. Monitoring systems can operate 24/7. Continuous recording of energy data will provide data on the operational characteristics of the electrical system. This can tell operators where the greatest amount of energy is consumed, when the energy is consumed and how the energy is consumed. The quality of the energy supplied to a facility can be critical. Not only can this adversely affect the operation, but it can also result in the loss or degradation of equipment or product, and can potentially result in damage to income and reputation.

Finding an experienced food monitoring system manufacturer that can operate to your specifications can benefit your business on several levels. Energy management systems can save money and energy, making your business not only environmentally sustainable but also economically sustainable. Ultimately, it is an investment that will pay dividends.


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