Solar Garden Lights – Enchanted LED Light

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Solar Garden Lights - Enchanted LED Light

Solar Garden Lights in your yard or garden add an element of beauty and atmosphere that can’t be matched by any other embellishment. They add depth, texture, warmth, drama, and magic to an area that would be otherwise dark and uninviting. Installing standard lights, however, can be a costly and time-consuming process. The costs don’t end at installation, though, as the utility company is all too happy to remind you.

Solar garden lights are a great way to light your yard or garden without an extensive installation project or ongoing costs. Solar lights are an environmentally friendly, reasonably priced alternative to standard lights that eliminate the need for extension cords and buried power lines. They are powered literally by harnessed sunlight, using a photovoltaic cell to convert sunshine into electricity, which is stored in a rechargeable battery. The light comes on automatically at dusk, illuminating your garden with stored sunlight.

Solar Garden Lights

Perhaps the most commonly used solar lights in the garden are the ground stake lights that are placed beside footpaths and garden walks. Fully automatic and self-sustaining, these lights are portable and can be placed anywhere sunlight reaches, providing not only safety but interesting detail as well.

Stake lights are only the beginning of the solar options at your disposal, however. Solar spotlights can be placed strategically about the garden, illuminating bushes and trees and adding an almost architectural dimension to the landscape. The lighted foliage appears almost sculptural, a study in light and dark which adds texture and depth to the area.

Hanging lantern solar lights can be positioned about the garden, wherever some light is needed. Fanciful lights, often in animal shapes, which emphasize decoration more than function (although they do cast some light), can be placed along paths and beside bushes, just waiting to evoke a smile from friends and guests. Solar lanterns in a soji design can be used to illuminate the sitting or dining area of a garden or yard, adding an exotic element to space. Use solar-powered step lights to illuminate and define steps in your garden.

solar spot lights

For a really dramatic visual impact in your yard or garden, consider adding some strings of lights to your trees and bushes. You’ve undoubtedly seen the effect such lights can have, perhaps at a restaurant or hotel. With solar lights, you can add these lights without the muss and fuss of wiring issues. Let the sun power your lights, and sit back and enjoy the beauty that a couple of hundred tiny lights can create in your trees. It’s simply magical.

Solar lights for garden applications are an enchanted and decorative way to save energy and the planet and make your garden look its absolute best. Garden solar lights are usually LED bulbs and work super well outdoor. The best reviews are of high-quality brand light Westinghouse.

LED lamps are less glaring than typical incandescent to fluorescent lights and add a more subdued, gentler light to your visual palette. This is not only more appealing to you and your guests, but less intrusive to your neighbors as well. With photovoltaic cells designed to last 25 years, and batteries good for 1000 nights, your garden lights, once installed, will give you years of maintenance-free, cost-free enjoyment. And, given that solar lights are environmentally friendly, your enjoyment can be guilt-free as well.


Harness the power of the sun. You can, you know, right in your own backyard. Solar lights do just that. Light up your patio or yard with a green, eco-friendly, low-cost alternative to line-powered lighting. Speaking of green, imagine your neighbor’s reaction when they realize you aren’t paying an astronomical (pun intended) electric bill!

Solar lights are typically stand-alone, self-sustaining units composed of an LED lamp. a photovoltaic cell, and a rechargeable battery. The photovoltaic cell is the device that converts solar power into electricity, which is then stored in the battery. Two or more photovoltaic cells are referred to as solar panels. Electricity is produced and stored in the battery during the day and the lights come on automatically at dusk.

solar lights

Solar-powered lights serve a dual role in residential applications. Some are meant to be utilitarian, lighting pathways and pool areas, while others are whimsical and decorative only, often in animal shapes. Most are used outdoors, but there are indoor applications as well, such as garage lighting. Indoor lights are designed with a solar panel separate from the light itself. In this case, only the photovoltaic panel has to be positioned for maximum exposure to the sun. Indoor units are usually equipped with switches, allowing the stored energy to be used only when needed.

In homes, even when the primary purpose of the lights is to increase safety outside, the lights themselves can become a design element as well, offering a bit of beauty and depth to the nighttime landscape.

Do you decorate your home with lights for the holidays? Do you need to take out a second mortgage to pay for the electric bill? Well, think about solar. Strings of solar-powered lights can be used just like their power-hungry counterparts. Your home can become the sensation of the neighborhood, without threatening to melt the local power grid.

The solar illumination is not just for residential uses, however. Its application is seen more and more frequently in commercial locations as well, often used to provide overhead lighting for parking lots and sidewalks, and is often used in campgrounds and other emotes locations, for example.

The amount of power generated by the photovoltaic cell is dependent on a number of factors, including placement of the unit, cloud cover, and season, all of which determine the amount of sunlight to which the unit is exposed. The US Department of Energy estimates that solar lights are effective across most of the United States. The department also estimates that these lights will produce about 30 to 50 percent less light in winter than in summer.

There are so many excellent solar lights outdoor applications. You can use solar string lights for garden use, solar deck lights, solar landscape lights, spot, yard, LED, Christmas, path, patio, flood, rope, driveway, step, security, dock, umbrella, hanging, walkway, pool, pathway, changing, fence, flagpole, motion, lawn, landscaping, shed, parking, decorative, sign, post cap, lantern, fairy, floating, copper, tree, small, party and dozens of other types of selections. Some of the best brands include Westinghouse solar lights, Moonrays, Hampton Bay, Alpan, Amber, Dragonfly, and Village Green.

Solar lights are low in cost and easily maintained. The average LED lamp is engineered to last approximately 25 years, probably longer than the lifespan of the unit itself. The batteries typically last for about 1000 nights and are easily replaced when necessary. The light from an LED lamp is not as bright as incandescent or fluorescent lamps, but it isn’t as harsh and glaring either. The light produced by LED lamps creates a gentler, more attractive ambiance for your yard and landscape.

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