The Wonderful Solar Powered Generator

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The Wonderful Solar Powered Generator

The Wonderful Solar Powered Generator

A solar-powered generator can provide electrical energy that can run several appliances, for instance, refrigerators, television sets, and stereos.

The solar generator is a device that works by the principle called Photovoltaic Power. This works by converting solar energy into electrical energy. The number of individuals who have opted for a solar-powered generator is increasing due to the negative effects of using nonrenewable energy sources, for instance, propane, petroleum, natural gas, and coal. Solar energy is an alternative energy that is as free as natural sunlight gets, and all you will have to pay for would be the equipment for it.

Many of those who utilize solar generators for their homes or businesses do it for the purpose of being environmentally friendly, while others use them simply because they are in remote areas that are off-grid. Many people use this as a source of energy in the event of an emergency such as power blackouts.

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The Solar Powered Generator – How Does It Work?

The Solar Powered Generator – How Does It WorkThe solar-powered generator is composed of many pieces. The first piece is a device that collects solar energy from natural sunlight. It is commonly collected via a solar panel or a photovoltaic cell. This is the piece that has been designed out of crystalline or amorphous silicon which permits the solar panel to change the sunlight into electric energy. To maximize the solar panel in terms of obtaining sunlight, it needs to be placed in a convenient area and angled at various times of the day.

The second most important part of the solar-powered generator would be the piece that would store the energy that has been collected so that it can be used during the absence of natural sunlight. This device is a deep cycle battery with a standard voltage of about 12 volts and has been designed for constant use. The solar generator should also have a voltmeter for its battery in order to measure the electricity that comes in and goes out. If the battery has a standard voltage of 12 volts then the solar panel should also be able to collect and generate at least 12 volts of electricity.

Photovoltaic power is not dependent on the principles of electromagnetism, compared to standard generators. For instance, with the fuel-burning generator, you can operate an engine for a magnet to spin, and this magnet would spin within a coil of wire that will then give off a stream of electrons. This stream of electrons is the one that provides the energy for your appliances and such.

The solar-powered generator does not burn fuel, on the other hand. As a matter of fact, it does not even have pieces that require movement. It quietly and conveniently converts the natural sunlight immediately into a stream of electrons to provide energy for your equipment.

Most people make use of a solar-powered generator that is so small that it can provide energy for small appliances such as a laptop. Others with even smaller solar-powered generators use them for smaller things, such as to charge cellular phone batteries.

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Others make use of a larger solar-powered generator that can provide electrical energy to many items at the same time. A series of solar panels and storage batteries comprise the solar-powered generator and while the batteries store certain amounts of the converted energy, it can also be consumed in real-time to run the entire home or building.

The energy that has been collected by the solar panels and then transferred to the battery is called Direct Current or DC. Certain appliances can be bought so that they can make use of DC energy. The solar-powered generator would have a DC input that looks like a car lighter. However, since most appliances make use of AC energy, you will need an inverter that will convert the DC energy into AC energy.

In order to determine the proper strength of an inverter for a solar generator, you will need to add the wattages of all of the appliances to which you want the generator to provide energy. After that, you will need to buy an inverter that is capable of a minimum of 10 percent more than the calculated wattage. You will need the extra percentage since there will be a small loss of power (about 5 to 10 percent) once converted from DC to AC energy.

The Wonderful Benefits of the Solar Powered GeneratorSolar Powered Generator

A lot of individuals might be thinking that the equipment needed together with the installation required for the solar-powered generator would burn a hole through the pocket. However, due to innovations, the cost of availing the solar generator is considerably now compared to what it was around 10 years ago.

Many households take advantage of the free energy provided by a small solar-powered generator and combine it with the power that is supplied by the usual power grid. Even if the house is not running entirely on solar energy, it can still show a substantial change in the electric consumption bills compared to how much it would originally cost if the house was entirely dependent on the usual power grid. Furthermore, in the event of a power outage on the part of the usual power grid, a solar generator is also highly convenient.

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When used for a home, a solar generator can provide electrical energy that can run several appliances, for instance, refrigerators, television sets, and stereos, as well as computers and other such appliances. If the amount of energy that it can supply is limited, then the energy can be used to focus only on certain functions such as the heating or cooling system of the home.

Some people make use of the energy provided by the solar-powered generator to operate and maintain the power supply for things that are being used consistently. Since it can still be relatively expensive, many people view the solar-powered generator as an investment. It is used, especially by businesses to operate machinery or provide lighting and run computers.


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