Top Titan Solar Power Generator Review

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Top Titan Solar Power Generator Review

titan solar power generator review

I’ve been working in this field for years now, writing reviews of all kinds of products, but never have I reviewed something as impressive as the Titan Solar Power Generator.

The Titan is a solar power generator, meaning it uses sun rays to produce electricity for you house or car.  Of course, the Titan Solar Power Generator is not just your typical solar panel, oh no. It’s three times better than that! And I will tell you why in my review below.

Let’s start by saying that the Titan is a Solar Power Generator, but it is also a solar charger and a storage system.  You will see what I mean in a few minutes… But let me talk about each one of these features.

First of all, it is a Solar Power Generator meaning that you can use the device to capture the sun rays and produce electricity.  The Titan Solar Power Generator has solar panels included which are capable of generating 9 amps per hour, for a total of 1440 watts (1.44 KW).

That’s not all though! The Titan is also a solar charger because it charges devices using the independent USB ports included in the device as the titan solar power generator.

It’s also a storage system because it has a built-in rechargeable battery included.  This is what makes the Titan Solar Power Generator different from other solar panels you can currently find online, as this allows you to use the device even at night or during cloudy days which means that if properly set up, the Titan can provide electricity constantly during the year.

I know this is a lot of info, but if you keep reading I promise you will learn more about them and also see how to use each one of these features.

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Let’s start by seeing what the Titan Solar Power Generator looks like:

Titan Solar Power Generator

It only weighs 11lbs so it won’t be too difficult for most people to carry and install the device in their homes, garages or any other structure they want to use it.

As you can see from the images above, the Titan comes with two USB ports for charging smartphones and tablets (these are 2.1A and 1A), as well as an AC Socket (110V).  There is also a 12V cigarette lighter input and a 12V battery output.

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All in all these features make the Titan Solar Power Generator a pretty powerful device which is why I want to show you what it can do:

For example, let’s say that your need power for small appliances such as laptops or cell phones.  In this case you would hook up your laptop or cell phone to the USB ports and turn the AC/DC switch to “AC”.  Once you do this, you can start using your phone or laptop.

As a side note, I would recommend getting a good surge protector for your devices as this will allow them not to be damaged in case there is a power surge during a thunderstorm or some other reason.

In the case of needing power for your TV, washing machine, and so on, you would use the AC Socket as well as the cigarette lighter input to hook up all these appliances.  This way you can easily run any appliance with this device.

Of course, there are always going to be some cloudy days so the Titan comes with a rechargeable battery included.  The battery is very important as it allows you to store electricity for later use, therefore making this device truly solar-powered even during cloudy days or at night.

Other cool things about the Titan Solar Power Generator are that it can also power up your boat (it has an included cigarette lighter plug), it can power your 12V appliances directly (it has a built-in inverter), and so on.

As you saw, the Titan Solar Power Generator is a pretty powerful device that can provide electricity for your home or car in case of emergency.  I would recommend getting one if you don’t have one already as it’s a pretty cool device to have.

If you want to get a Titan Solar Power Generator or learn more about them, check out Amazon by clicking on one of the images below:

Solar panels have been around for quite some time now and many people have started using them

Now, I’m not talking ab owning a solar carport or any other type of solar panels that generate electricity and feed it to the conventional grid. That is simply boring and not worth investing in because this technology has been around for quite some time now and you can buy these units directly from your local hardware store. The only reason to buy this is in case you are living off-grid or need a solar panel setup for your camping gear.

I’m talking about the titan solar power generator, which is an entirely green energy system that can give you enough electricity to power up all of your gadgets and appliances. You could turn your home into a fully green energy-powered house, without having to depend on the conventional power grid.

Now, I don’t know how about you, but that is certainly something that caught my attention. The titan solar power generator is essentially a very small portable electric generator powered by photovoltaic cells and rechargeable batteries. But unlike any other generator of this type, it has an important.

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