Green Energy Saving Ideas And Electricity Saving Devices That Save Money You Must Know

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Green Energy Saving Ideas And Electricity Saving Devices That Save Money You Must Know

Green Energy Saving Ideas And Electricity Saving Devices That Save Money You Must Know
Green Energy Saving Ideas And Electricity Saving Devices That Save Money You Must Know

Many of us know that we can help save the environment by saving energy. It is putting things into perspective and taking the initiative to act upon these electricity saving tips that really help to save the environment and save on energy bills as well. Executing your green energy saving ideas by using the various types of new electricity saving devices enables you to leave behind a green legacy which will stay for generations to come.

One key push behind the green revolution movement is the ever-rising cost of living, what with growing unrest in Middle Eastern countries, giving rise to the high cost of oil, thereby pushing up energy costs. It is in the interest of most of us to save as much energy as possible, and we are actually spoiled for choice in terms of energy saving ideas. The only thing standing in the way is lethargy.

We are entrenched in our very own complacent lifestyles, not wanting to make changes and not easily adaptable to new changes in their lifestyles. As always, trying to change user habits is an enormous challenge.

It takes REAL incentives to move that entrenched mindset to be in-tuned with energy-saving ideas and adopt electricity saving devices more often.

So how can we save energy really? Here are some essential basics that can help you move out of your comfort zone and kickstart your energy saving ideas right now.

Summer Energy Conservation Tips

As always, summer sees us using more energy to cool the environment than any other season, and if you find it a great challenge every year on how to conserve energy, here are some simple save energy save money tips even your kid can carry out.

Time To Turn Up The Heat

Indeed, turning up the thermostat one degree a couple of days will not only let you get away with it silently enough but more importantly helps you to save energy, literally by about 4 percent every degree below 78. And try to avoid switching on your air conditioner when below 96 degrees and switch on your fan instead.

The Dual Purposes Of Ceiling Fans – Keep Cool And Save Money Too

Ceiling fans and more appropriately spot fans can literally lower the surrounding temperature by three to eight degrees. And you can either turn up your air conditioner in tandem with the use of fans for the wind chill factor to kick in or simply stick to using fans. Based on my experience, once your body gets used to the fans, there is in fact no need for the air conditioners unless you are in the middle of a hot spell. Fans are the economical cousins of air conditioners, costing less than $50 per piece and less than a dime for half a day’s usage. Conversely, its more expensive cousins cost at least about 60 to 80 times more.

Do You Need Electricity Operated Appliances Really?

So you often mow your lawn with your gasoline or electric lawnmower. Have you ever thought of using a manual push mower instead? No doubt you will need to work harder on the device, but this gives you more muscles, a well-tanned body and may even help you save on a gym membership too!

Flexible Leaf slider boards are great alternatives to gasoline-driven mowers bye virtue of the fact that it is fuel free.

CFLs – Low Energy Light Bulbs Can Really Light Up Your Life Too!

CFLs are namely compact fluorescent light bulbs that have recently become the craze of homeowners who are concerned with the rising electricity bills. From the beautiful living and dining room to the bedroom and even your driveway, CFLs are the versatile alternative to your energy gulping chandeliers and heat emitting spotlights.

Low-energy light-bulb CFLs come in two key types of designs, namely the tubular form and the spiral one, the former of which is made popular in Europe. For every CFL you adopt, you not only breakeven on the cost of the bulb within 6 months, but you also stand to save US$40 in its useful life. Now imagine switching totally to CFLs at your home and calculate the amount you save. The choice is obvious.

When Shopping, Shop Ethically

When you engage in “retail therapy”, remember to bring along your own shopping bags. Yes, what used to be stodgy and un-cool has now become the in-thing to do right now, and for a long time to come. In fact, it puts your fellow shopper sot shame somehow as you whip out your shopping bag and do your part for the environment.

The reasons are very simple. Paper bags are made from trees and plastic bags are non-biodegradable. Using disposable carriers requires more landfills which emit dangerous gasses harmful to the environment.

On the other hand, your own shopping bag is recyclable and reusable for a long time to come. To top it all off, you get great discounts from the stores for using your own bags too. How not to opt for saving the environment and enjoying green discounts while shopping, is beyond any rationality.

Use Recyclables Whenever Possible

Recycle – Used to be that recycling was a very uncool thing to adopt but these days, it has become hip and cool to recycle. You can literally recycle almost 50% of your everyday items.

Bring Your Own Lunch Box

Make your own lunch and bring your own lunch box to work. You save money, eat more healthily, and are sick less often.

Save The Earth With Rechargeable Batteries

Did you know that batteries contain toxic chemicals and materials like zinc, mercury, arsenic, which can seep into the ground, contaminating the soil and water, thereby becoming harmful to consumption? By using rechargeable batteries, you greatly reduce the contamination under the reduced disposals and also helps you save on the cost of batteries.

Goodbye Gasoline Guzzlers, Hello Environmentally Friendly Hybrid and Electric Green Cars

What used to be Oldsmobile giant gasoline guzzlers have now become the unrelenting SUVs which are fortunately dropping in sales globally in favor of environmentally friendly hybrid green cars. A Honda Insight I Manual 2WD literally achieves 65 mpg topping the charts of all environmentally friendly hybrid cars based on a study of hybrid mileage database research involving 153,086,671 miles, 116,794 tanks, and 7,502 cars.

As it is already happening, major countries like U.S.A., UK, Europe, and even China has begun revving up their automobile green revolution by offering green car switchers more green tax exemptionsgreen tax rebates over a period of several years into the life of the vehicles as well as incentivizing auto-makers to build more hybrids for a start. Not only do we greatly reduce toxic greenhouse gas emissions, but also stand to save extensively for simply switching cars. The choice is simple indeed.

Build Your Own Solar Panels For Homes

In my opinion, tapping on solar energy for homes is the smartest way to save on energy bills. We are bestowed by mother nature with a renewable energy source that will never run out – sun power. And no matter in the thick of winter, or summer you will be able to tap on its energy without fail.

As long as your home solar panel kits are well set up, you will be able to run almost all your home energy consumption via solar. And it helps converse energy while you consume without guilt. Get rebates when you resell your excess energy back to the utility company. And the best part of it all is that your home will appreciate it too. Very soon, the matured technology will drive demand and solar panels for sale will spike.

You may complain at the onset that energy-saving devices cost extra but it is important to rationalize that it will pay off many folds of the energy and money saved.

Stay tuned for more of this series of Green Energy Saving Ideas And Electricity Saving Devices That Save Money You Must Know will continue to explore direct and indirect, new and existing, effective and proven energy-saving tips to help you save on energy bills.

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