Harnessing the Power from the Sun – Solar Power Generators

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Harnessing the Power from the Sun - Solar Power Generators
Harnessing the Power from the Sun – Solar Power Generators

In many countries, solar power is the fastest-growing energy source. In India, solar power generation has increased from an average of 1.7% to 4.8% in the last few years. In order to tap this growth and increase its global market share, any company that wants to stay at the top must have a strong business case for its business model and a clear strategy for its operations.

You may have seen solar power generators for quite a while now. Starting with small solar power cells seen in calculators and even watches, this form of renewable energy has now grown to several other applications. Ranging from solar-powered cars and even solar power generators for laptops and cell phones, solar power continues to be an emerging technology for power generation. Solar power generators have now also come to work for you and your home. These solar power generators can either be used to power your entire house or just parts of it.

While solar energy may be free, there is some cost to acquiring, installing, and maintaining solar power generators. But there are advantages to getting free energy. Utility costs in terms of power can be virtually free and the impact on the environment is minimized. If you are interested in learning more about solar power generators then do read on.

How Solar Power Generators Work

Solar power generators produce electricity through a reaction between light and the materials that solar power cells are made of. This reaction causes the flow of electrons which in turn produces energy in the form of electricity. Solar cells mostly made from silicon are used for this purpose. These solar cells are arranged to form panels that are directly under sunlight which then convert light to electricity.

Solar power generators are systems made of solar panels, inverters, and batteries. The type of current produced by solar panels is in direct current as opposed to alternate current which we use every day in our electric grids and houses. An inverter is used to convert direct current to alternate so solar power generators can be used for our homes.

What You Should Know About Solar Power Generators

Solar power generators come mainly in two forms, crystal silicon panels or thin-film cells. Crystal silicon cells have the advantage of having higher efficiencies in electricity conversion and efficiency while thin-film cells have the advantage of needing fewer materials to be produced. Most solar power generators come in the form of crystal silicon solar cells. These solar panels are usually fixed onto roofs or can be roofing themselves. There are also solar panels that are stand-alone structures.

Costs to install full systems of solar power generators will greatly vary on your location and energy needs. You can expect to spend somewhere in between $20,000 to $40,000 on your solar power generators so that they can provide for your whole house. This includes the entire system of solar panels, inverters, and batteries. Typically you can take out loans or mortgages to finance solar power generators for your home. You may want to ask the suppliers or your local banks about this.

Solar power generators can range in efficiency from just a few watts to power lighting and other auxiliary appliances to thousands of watts to power every appliance that you need.

Hooking up solar power generators gives you the option of connecting to the electrical grid as a backup or being off the grid and fully dependent on solar power. You do need to check with local regulations on what is best for you in terms of connection. Permits and approvals will need to be taken especially if you are living in a community and are part of a homeowners association. Commitment to being fully reliant on solar power will mean that you need a dependable storage system for your power needs.

Grape Solar 440 watt System

Having solar power generators will mean dependency on sunlight. Being in an area that is cloudy most of the time may limit the amount of solar power you can get and use. Since solar panels are usually fixed on the roof, you also need to take into consideration the orientation of the roof. You will also need to take into consideration if you have enough roof area. Typically a range of 50 square feet and above is needed for solar power generators on the roof.

Solar power generators are a great way to save on energy. There are however many factors you need to take into consideration.  Before you fully commit to using solar power generators you will need to do your research well. Also, you need to be realistic about your expectations in terms of power generation especially if solar power generators are used after a house has been built. To fully utilize solar power generators, it is always good to integrate these into the design of the home. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of solar power generators in your old house. To get the best picture of what will work for you, you can always consult service providers of solar power generators.

What to Look For When Buying Solar Power Generators

Good solar power generators come from good service providers. This means that the company that you would want to choose to install solar power generators in your home must have a good reputation. Check the company’s background first and do research on their after-sales experience. Remember that it isn’t just getting a good price but also getting a good product that matters. A good company can give you an estimate of what can work best for your home and meet your needs.

If you are buying just small and readymade solar power generators then do check the manufacturer data and look at the product specifications as well. Good solar power generators will have a warranty on the minimum power generation they can provide. This means that you can rely on these solar power generators to provide at least that guaranteed amount of power it lists down.

Maintenance and warranties will come into play after your solar power generators have been operating for several years. Though your solar panels will last you several decades the other electrical components such as batteries and inverters and wiring may need to be serviced after 5 years or so. Check with the supplier about their programs on how to prolong the life of your solar power generators.

Learn more about solar power generators through the internet and through speaking with suppliers and service providers. Getting hooked on solar power is not only a good way to save on power costs, it is also a way to lessen pollution and promote clean energy.

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