TISHI HERY 120W Portable Solar Panel Foldable Review

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TISHI HERY 120W Portable Solar Panel Foldable Review

TISHI HERY 120W Portable Solar Panel Foldable

The TISHI HERY 120W Portable Solar Panel Foldable has a high conversion efficiency of up to 17.5% for 12V battery charging and is powerful enough to charge two laptops simultaneously.

You might be thinking of getting a reliable and durable power bank for your off-grid occasions. As you start using a normal power bank, you realize that it is not enough since you need to empower the other appliances. Therefore, the portable solar panel can enter the gaps to provide you with a dependable power source to rely on.

Having a portable solar panel is totally possible now since you can easily find a foldable unit like TISHI HERY 120W Portable solar panel foldable. It has been slated as one of the best portable solar panels on the market. Without further ado, let’s see its features below.

This review will summarize the features of the product, show how it performed in different environments, and evaluate its competitive advantage.

  • Product Features

TISHI HERY 120W Portable Solar Panel Foldable Review is a large solar panel that can be folded to a size of 12.6 x 12.4 x 1 inch for easy transportation and storage

It has a foldable solar panel with an output of 120 watts -It has an intelligent display with real-time monitoring of electricity production which can be seen from far away -The USB output port is protected by a rubber cap so it’s waterproof and dustproof for outdoor use -The TISHI HERY 120W Portable Solar Panel Foldable Review is durable because it uses high-quality materials and is water.

  • 4 Multiple Outputs

This solar panel unit comes with 4 outputs that include DC, USB, QC3.0 as well as Type-C which is compatible with various devices.

All of these ports are accommodating enough for you to charge your electronic devices and appliances. The total output allows multiple charging without any hassle.

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  • Mono-crystalline Solar Cells

Mono-crystalline Solar CellsIn this solar panel unit, the manufacturer includes high pure mono-crystalline solar cells which achieve 23% of high efficiency. Unlike conventional panels, it can generate more energy and quickly charge your device.

  • Built-in Intelligence Chip

The  TISHI HERY 120W Portable Solar Panel can automatically detect the type of device plugged in and optimize its performance for fast and secure charging for your electronic devices. It has a built-in intelligence chip that can maximize the results of the charging based on the device type. In this case, you won’t need to manually use the solar charge controller since everything is taken care of by the chip.

  • Portability

It is all the point of the amazing solar panel. It is foldable, portable, and compact. You can fold it and zip it up in a case so that you can easily carry it, and store it in your trunk, backseat, or any other storage. With such portability and compatibility, this solar panel unit can be your best companion on your occasions such as camping, hiking, and other outdoor occasions.

  • Weatherproof

It comes with the oxford cloth which covers the unit to withstand the challenge of the weather and outer conditions. That’s why it is a great choice to carry it around on any occasion. However, the junction box is not waterproof so you will want to protect it well.

  • Double Panels

The next amazing feature is the double panels of the unit. It is an efficient solar panel unit that connects the solar panels in parallel. The MC4 cable can connect the multiple panels in series too, maximizing the power production from a single portable solar panel unit.

  • Charge Almost any Device

It has QC3.0/PD 60 W features. The Quick Charge 3.0 can quickly charge any device with the matching plugin. Therefore, you don’t need to worry if you bring your tablet and smartphone when traveling. You can even empower your Nintendo Switch.

  • Multiple Applications

The set of  TISHI HERY 120W Portable Solar Panel comes with multi cables that allow you to charge any object. You can even charge 12-volt batteries for cars, boats, tractors, motorcycles, RVs, and so on. The TISHI HERY solar charger is ready to cater to your needs for you.


  • High-powered
  • Multiple connections
  • Multiple applications


  • Not fit enough for your backpack.

All in all, the  TISHI HERY 120W Portable Solar Panel is really worth your money if you are an avid outdoor doer. It will help you to be prevalent all the time.

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