Best Solar Panel Battery Storage

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Best Solar Panel Battery Storage

Solar Panel Battery Storage
Solar Panel Battery Storage

A solar panel battery is a simple set of photovoltaic cells aligned together to convert energy from the sun into electricity. They are quite different from ordinary batteries that generate electricity from chemical energy.

Solar cells are made of a unique type of semiconductor that is free from impurities and is very sensitive to light. It is this semiconductor that causes electrons to move from one end of the material resulting in a potential difference or voltage.

The first cells were pieces of single-junction semiconductors that were made of silicon. They were very expensive since producing them required a lot of energy. Later, different forms of photovoltaic cells were produced using materials like Cadmium Telluride, Copper Indium Gallium Selenide, Micromorphous Silicon, and Amorphous Silicon. Research later found out that these materials could be deposited on thin pieces of ceramic or glass thus reducing the size of the system. Better materials and advanced production techniques did not improve the efficiency of the system; however, they reduced the cost of production making solar panels affordable to most people.

Today, the efficiency of the photovoltaic cells is about 20%. However, with more research and technology, their efficiency at harnessing energy from the sun by capturing ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths can be improved.

Applications of the solar panel battery

Today, solar panels are a common sight in homes, public buildings as well as on the streets. They come in various sizes depending on the applications that are involved. Manufacturers are today introducing solar Shingles that are meant to suit the aesthetic needs of various architectural designs. These shingles may pass for ordinary roofing tiles; however, they are coated with layers of photovoltaic cells.

While all photovoltaic cells come with a dark, reflective surfaced panel, their applications vary widely. You can install your panel system in your backyard to power your pond aerator, garden sprinkler, or your automatic gate opener. At the same time, you can invest in larger systems to meet part of or all your home energy needs.

Some small electronic gadgets like music players, LED torch, and mobile phones to come with little panels. On a large scale approach, hundreds of panels can be installed to generate a large number of amounts of electricity for towns and cities.

Whether solar energy is produced on a small-scale or large-scale system, there is always the need to take care of the excess power that is generated. Part of the energy that is generated during the day can be stored in a rechargeable solar battery for use at night.

Today, more and more homes are making good use of solar panel systems to meet their electricity needs, with most people investing in off-grid systems. Corporations and governments are also investing in this alternative form of energy to generate cheap and clean electricity for sale to consumers. In this era of environmental conservation and high cost of living, solar panel battery is becoming increasingly popular amongst people who want to generate cheap electricity for their domestic needs.


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