Solar Powered Devices – What’s Not to Love?

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Solar Powered Devices – What’s Not to Love?

Solar Powered Devices – What’s Not to Love

While congress continues to debate the reality and the dangers of climate change, we average folk can take the measures that we know will be beneficial to our planet. We can commit to purchasing only highly efficient, hybrid, or electric cars; we can explore and implement methods of energy conservation in our homes (energy-efficient appliances, windows, insulation; solar panels, etc.).

Given the sheer number of tech devices in our lives, moreover, as a society, we are using enormous amounts of traditional energy sources by plugging in to run and charge everything we use – PC’s, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, phones, and entertainment gadgets.

What if we could all use solar power to charge and use these devices? How much traditional energy could we save? A huge amount! Consider the newest innovations and devices that will let you become battery and plug-in free – here’s only 5 that can transform the way you stay connected!

1. Portable Solar Panels and Chargers:

Renogy 50W Portable Solar Panel Charger Foldable E.Flex for Power Station ExplorersRadio Shack sells a solar-powered device that will absorb and store energy. You can then plug in your devices and re-charge them from this panel. Cost? About $40! Look at the Phoebus solar charger that can be clipped onto a book bag or purse – again, use it to recharge all of your mobile devices.

2. Smart Phone Cases and Sleeves:

Just by placing your phone into one of these, you will have an insatiable amount of stored energy that continues to charge your phone with no effort on your part!

3. Solar-Powered Sunglasses and Boom Boxes:

Here are two devices for parties, beach vacations, camping trips, etc. Not only will solar power provide an endless supply of music for your entertainment, but you can also plug your other devices into these glasses or boom box and ensure that you have plenty of power when electrical outlets are nowhere in sight!

4. How about a Sun Table:

Your deck and/or patio should have a solar table. With a top filled with solar cells, your sleek table can store huge amounts of energy. Plug your laptop or any other device into it, and you can work outside without fear of power loss. Another rather cool feature? Your table can light up at night, providing a great glow for evening barbecues and parties!

5. Solar Powered Computing:

Laptops, such as the Luce, manufactured by Ponti, will explode upon the scene in the next few years. This little puppy has solar panels on the back of the monitor screen as well as more embedded in the back of the keyboard. Without even a batter, this laptop is sleek and thin! Consider also currently available solar powered keyboards that can absorb and store either indoor or outdoor light or a soon-to-be-available wireless mouse that uses only solar power from both indoor and outdoor sources!

The list could go o and on – solar powered toys, tools, I-watches, and such. The future is quite clear for all of us. With a never-ending source of free energy, why would we want to continue to pay for energy from non-renewable sources that also destroy our planet as we use them? This is a no-brainer!

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