The Best Solar Powered Home Generator

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The Solar Powered Home Generator

The Solar Powered Home Generator

A solar-powered home generator takes advantage of this free source of energy to operate many appliances inside the home.

Having a solar-powered generator can be one of the most practical choices to make. That is because solar power is clean, effective, abundant, and, most of all, for free. Solar power shows true potential when it comes to alternative sources of energy.

Since the sun gives off a huge supply of energy to the earth, it can be accumulated and converted into the functional power of electricity. A solar-powered home generator takes advantage of this free source of energy to operate many appliances inside the home.

How does the Solar Powered Home Generator work?

The typical solar-powered home generator works by immediately altering the solar energy into electricity in PV or Photovoltaic cells. An array of PV cells can collect big amounts of energy.

When you are thinking of how much of the sun’s energy can possibly run the various electronic devices in your home, take note that it can give an average of 1361 to 1366 watts per square meter.

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Nowadays, the standard solar generator that is manufactured by companies can provide efficiency from 6 to 20 percent (from the total 1000 watts per square meter provided for by the sun during the middle of a sunny day).

In other words, if the PV cells unit of the solar-powered generator is working at its most efficient (at its most advantageous angle during the middle of the day), it can provide about 60 to 200 watts per square meter (equivalent to about 5.6 to 18.6 watts per square foot).

The PV cells unit of the solar-powered generator churns out DC voltage but can then be adapted to AC via an inverter. Take note that the inverter must be able to meet the UL standard 1741 and the wirings of its system with the National Electric Code NFPA70 together with local codes.

The PV cells themselves do not stock up the energy. If it does, then you would not have any electricity during bad weather or at night. In order to supply power steadily, especially in homes that are off the grid or in the event of an urgent situation, the surplus energy is transferred to a battery. This battery is usually attached to the PV cells unit through a charge controller.

The Solar Powered Home Generator into the Household

In the case of the home, a solar home generator is generally placed at the top of the roof of one’s house. They are set up on racks and they need to be secured into the joists of the roof with bolts.

If you are located in the northern hemisphere, then the PV cells should face the true south in order to maximize the collection of solar energy. If you are located in the southern hemisphere, then it should face the true south. Make sure that the tilt is adjacent to your latitude.

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To further maximize the energy from the sun, you can even make use of reflective tools. A set of mirrors for instance can help to strengthen the efficiency of solar power for your solar-powered generator.

Often, people are concerned about the price of solar panels and measure the cost per square foot. However, the effectiveness of a powered solar generator is more dependent on the model than the surface area of the PV cell unit.

When out to look for a solar-powered home generator, keep in mind the effectiveness with the cost per watt. Usually, the retail price of solar power PV panels would be about 2 to 3 dollars per watt.

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