What is Solar Energy?

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What is Solar Energy?

What is Solar Energy

You’ve no doubt heard of solar energy at some point. And maybe it sounded really good to you-no energy bills! But if you are new to the solar energy scene, you may be wondering what is solar energy. If all the other sites you’ve checked out are just moving too fast, then this is the article for you. We will break down solar energy in simple terms, so you can get the information you need.

What is solar energy? Essentially, it is the act of capturing the sun’s rays and either storing them or converting them into energy or heat. It’s similar to when you get into a hot car in the summer or touch a hot road on sunny day-these items have been heated with solar power. These situations are not exactly solar power at their finest, but you get the idea. Solar power for your home works the same way. The rays are captured and then using top-notch technology, the heat is stored and converted to heat your home or provide energy any time of day.Solar Energy fact

Now you have a basic idea of what is solar energy, so what happens next? Once the sun’s rays are captured, you can do many different things with them. With large solar panel systems, you can store or convert the rays. They can be converted into heat energy or electrical energy depending on what type of panels you have. Or the energy can be stored, so that you have it at a later date-at night or on a cloudy day when there is no sun, for example.

When it comes to what is solar energy, there are many other options. You can choose to use solar power to heat other things, such as swimming pools. Systems designed specifically for pools are available. Or use solar power on a smaller scale. You can purchase affordable systems that hook right up to your hot water heater and use the sun for all your hot water needs. Or purchase a solar pond pump, a quick and affordable way to keep your pond clean.

You have even more options in the world of solar power! There are other ways to capture the sun’s energy, without the use of any special equipment. Have a few skylights installed throughout your home to ensure fewer lights need to be used. This way, you are still using solar power to light your home! This is called passive solar energy, and it offers many options for using the sun in your home and in your life. So now when someone asks, “what is solar energy?” you have the answer!

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