Solar Spot Light – Westinghouse Outdoor Lights

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Solar Spot Light – Westinghouse Outdoor Lights

Solar Spot Light - Westinghouse Outdoor Lights
Solar Spot Light – Westinghouse Outdoor Lights

Solar spotlights have a multitude of uses, both commercial and residential, functional and artistic. Spotlights can fulfill all of these purposes in the same property, providing easy installation, eco-friendly operation, low-cost results, and essentially maintenance-free performance.

Spotlights can be used to stunning effect to enhance the landscape, both at home and at businesses. A properly placed spot solar light illuminating a tree or bush can add beauty, depth, and texture to the landscape. The play of light and shadow can reveal form and structure in the plant that is less easily seen in daylight, creating mood and visual appeal that would otherwise remain unnoticed and unappreciated. The home garden or yard, or the grounds of a business reveal themselves in a haunting way that appeals to both eye and heart. Smaller spotlights may be used to illuminate fountains and figurines, allowing some lighthearted whimsy to shine through the darkness.

Solar Spotlightssolar spot lights

Spotlights can also be used in a purely utilitarian and functional way, enhancing security and safety. Here again, this can apply to both residential and commercial properties. Solar spots can be used to illuminate driveways and garages, business entrances and parking lots. Some are equipped with motion sensors and come on only when motion is detected. Duration and sensitivity can be adjusted, allowing the user to determine the range of detection and the length of time the light stays on once motion is detected. This not only conserves power but also allows people to walk their dogs passed your house without suddenly finding themselves in the spotlight. You, however, will have light when you need it – approaching the garage, for example, or throwing out the trash.

Spotlights can also be used by businesses to illuminate signs and by homeowners to illuminate the house number. While spots can be purchased in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials to blend in with any location, they are generally constructed to be durable and weather resistant, with swivel heads which can be directed as needed. With rechargeable batteries that can last for up to 1000 nights and then be easily replaced and photovoltaic cells that are designed to convert sunlight into electricity for up to 25 years, a solar-powered spot can provide years of maintenance-free service. To borrow a phrase, just set it and forget it.

Using solar spotlights outdoor from the best brands with good reviews like Westinghouse solar spotlights are a bright way to save the planet and light up your selected areas. Most are LED-equipped and there are even excellent solar landscape spotlights.

If you decide to purchase spotlights, whether, for safety, security or beauty, you will appreciate how easy they are to install. Solar power eliminates the need for extension cords or power lines. No electrician is needed and you will not have to concern yourself with abiding by local codes. Solar lighting is environmentally friendly. Since it harnesses the power of the sun, there are never any utility charges. The only costs incurred after purchase will be the replacement cost of the inexpensive rechargeable batteries. The neighbors will also appreciate the softer, less harsh light the LED lamp produces, reducing the sort of light pollution that incandescent and fluorescent lamps commonly produce.


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