Understand What Solar Power is and How it Works

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Understand What Solar Power is and How it Works

Understand What Solar Power is and How it Works
Understand What Solar Power is and How it Works

It is very important to understand what solar power is and how it works, to collect and give utility to this energy in the most efficient way. Sunlight is turned into electricity by the solar cells also known as: photovoltaic or photoelectric cells. For example: in a sunny climate one can produce solar power to run a 100w light bulb from one single square meter of the solar panel. Solar power may be used to heat water in your home (through glass panels situated on your roof) and eventually to use less gas to heat your entire home. Battery chargers, hand-held calculators, and solar-powered garden lights may use successfully solar power.

The only disadvantage of solar power is that it might not work at night. Among the advantages of solar energy are:  no costs and there are no fuels, waste, or pollution expelled. Solar energy may be very useful in small villages where is difficult to draw energy from elsewhere. Solar furnaces are used to concentrate energy absorbed with mirrors strategically placed.

In the United Kingdom, solar power is usually used for small or low-powered devices because the climate is not adequately bright and sunny to provide a large quantity of solar energy. In such a place you would need a huge area to place solar panels for an appropriate amount of energy.

Uses of solar power

Solar power is the energy released by the sun. Solar power is gaining sympathy as a safe and popular alternative source of energy. It may successfully replace our fossil fuel reserves because they are decreasing and they have a negative environmental impact when burned down to produce energy, another reason is the higher and higher price of energy. The energy generated by the sunlight (solar power) is free and harmless to the environment.

Solar power is widely used in remote locations where you do not have conventional sources of power and for  Recreational Vehicles (RV) and luxury boats, but it may also be used in your home for example for gardening lighting. One of the disadvantages in using solar power is: the large size of solar panels, but those can be replaced with solar photovoltaic roof shingles or tiles that look almost the same with normal roof tiles and provide the electrical energy to use in your home to heat water, the house, your pool and for your everyday needs. In some areas, water pumps may be powered with solar energy.

Although watermills were used in this aim, nowadays the tendency is to replace them with energy from the sun known as solar power. If you want to purchase an installation of solar power devices you may be offered government grants, but if you have no possibility of buying all those devices you may directly buy solar power from the grid. Nowadays solar power is highly recommended by specialists because it helps to protect the environment and helps you lower your electricity bills that tend to be higher and higher.

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